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1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice

1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice
1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice

1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice

Flowing Hair Large Cents (1793). Do you want to want to get coins at the lowest cost? 1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice.

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Renowned for its historical significance, stunning design, and 90% silver composition, the Standing Liberty Silver Quarter stands as a numismatic treasure sought after by collectors worldwide. These quarters hold both aesthetic and monetary value, making them an essential addition to any discerning collector's portfolio.

Owning these coins grants you a tangible connection to history while providing a secure investment. Don't let this exceptional opportunity slip away. 18084 troy ounces of silver. The composition of Standing Liberty Quarters are 0.9000 ag, 0.1000 cu.

The diameter of Standing Liberty Quarters are 24.3 mm (0.957 in). The mass of all Standing Liberty Quarters are 6.25 g. The Standing Liberty quarter is the only 20th-century regular issue US coin for which no proof coins were struck. However, a handful of specimen examples of the 1917 Type 1 issue (that is, the coins struck early in 1917 before MacNeil revised the design) exist. Perfect for any collection, add this Standing Liberty Quarter to your cart today!

Standing Liberty Silver Quarter - Background & Design. The Standing Liberty quarter, an emblematic 25-cent coin minted from 1916 to 1930, holds an esteemed position within the realm of American numismatics.

Following the Barber quarter's extensive circulation since 1892, this captivating coin showcases the artistic brilliance of renowned sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil. MacNeil's design elegantly portrays the goddess of Liberty, exuding strength and vigilance, on the obverse, while an airborne eagle graces the reverse. In 1915, Director of the Mint Robert W. Woolley initiated a process to replace the existing Barber dime, quarter, and half dollar designs, mistakenly believing that new designs were mandated by law.

MacNeil responded with a remarkable design depicting Liberty standing guard against potential threats, imbuing the coin with a sense of fortitude. The Mint requested modifications to MacNeil's original design, resulting in the inclusion of dolphins symbolizing the nation's oceans. However, in late 1916, substantial changes were made to the design without MacNeil's input, leading to his dissatisfaction upon receiving the updated coin in January 1917.

During circulation, the coin's date quickly wore away, prompting modifications by Mint engravers in 1925 to rectify this issue. The Standing Liberty quarter's production ceased in 1931, with no quarters struck that year. In 1932, in commemoration of George Washington's bicentennial, Congress introduced the Washington quarter, featuring the profile of the revered first U. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this historically significant coin, securing a tangible piece of American history for your collection.

Standing Liberty Silver Quarter - Grading Scale & Guidelines. With this condition, a Standing Liberty Silver Quarter maintains a pleasing level of detail, providing collectors with a clear view of its design elements and historical significance. The preservation of essential features enhances the coin's visual appeal, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate its unique charm and character. On the obverse, the date remains discernible, an important factor for identifying the coin's era.

Pre-1925 coins should display at least one readable digit, while coins dated between 1925 and 1930 should exhibit a complete and legible date. The profile of Liberty showcases more distinct features, with subtle curvature noticeable primarily along the edges of her profile. The right arm, firmly grasping the olive branch, retains its integrity, contributing to the coin's visual appeal. Prominent fold lines may still be visible on the left side of the gown and in the hip area, although they might appear somewhat flattened. The letters forming the word "Trust" typically maintain legibility, and any merging of letters remains minimal in nature.

Transitioning to the reverse, the date continues to be discernible, albeit possibly appearing faded and slightly weakened. For coins dated between 1925 and 1930, the date may exhibit slightly enhanced clarity and boldness. Liberty's right leg may now show a continuous flat plane extending from the hip to the foot, with minimal contouring along the edges. The center of Liberty's figure retains noticeable detail, and while some areas may exhibit slight flatness within the folds of the gown draped over the left leg, major design elements remain distinct. The combination of preserved detail and minimal merging of essential features makes this condition ideal for collectors looking to own a piece of history that retains its visual appeal and historical value.

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1923 S Standing Liberty Quarter Key Date Very Nice